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Product Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)
Many years of experience has been gained in the application of Glucan in relevant health food and therapy, especially the fungal Glucan. Many have approved of its effect. But there are many questions about its application. Some important questions and their corresponding answer from the experts are compiled as follows:
Question: What is Glucan?
Answer: Glucan is a type of glucose compound which comes from the fungal family (e.g. ganoderma lucidum (lingzhi), antrodia camphorata, Brazilian mushroom, coriolus versicolor, etc.), beneficial bacteria, fungus, yeast and cellular wall of plant. It is a unique natural substance. It cannot be chemically synthesized but it has stable properties. The type extracted from the fungus is most effective. After it enters the human body, it activates the human macrophage and other types of immune or functional cells, thereby enhancing the immunity of the body. 
Among the many types of Glucan, β-Glucan extracted from the fungus is most suitable for human body, be it in the form of food, drink or dose for injection. It is also most effective for enhancement or regulation of the immune function.
Question: What is the difference between Glucan and the normal carbohydrate?
Answer: The so-called carbohydrate is one of the three major nutrients convertible to heat through the digestive system. It has a chain-like molecular structure and a specific enzyme in the human digestive tract can break it down for absorption into the body. The so-called Glucan is also composed of mono carbohydrate. However, because its molecular structure is of the especially large molecular branch-like helical type, there is not any specific enzyme for its digestion in human body. Therefore, it is not convertible to heat. But it enables the cell to generate peculiar function, e.g. anti-virus cell elements. Scientific research shows that Glucan enters the human body along the intestinal tract by a peculiar way. It has an all-inclusive functionality. It activates the immune system, empowers resistance, prevents cancer, brings down cholesterol, and etc. It maintains the body in the optimal condition so that the body can cope with elements harmful to health.
Question: Why do people need to take Glucan?
Answer: It is the future trend of beverage and food that not only will they quench thirst and satisfy hunger but they also have healthcare function. In the past, food satisfies the desire of the mouth. But it also cause excessive intake of sugar and thereby triggers harmful after-effects. By using biotech methods, Glucan extracted from unpolluted fungus enables the user to personally apprehend that besides nutritional value and enhanced functions, food and beverage also enhance the function of body cells and tissues, prevent various diseases, even cancer. This is due to provide a new direction for the future of food and beverage. Entering the 21st century, mankind is generally oppressed by environmental pollution, harmful food additives, medicinal remnant and various stress. Elimination of free radical and detoxification with Glucan to empower the body immune system is a vital healthcare strategy.
Question: How to select high quality Glucan?
Answer: High quality Glucan can be taken to activate cells and to maintain their health, and to enhance their resistance to diseases without generating harmful side-effects. But such product can only be manufactured with precise technology through professional research. Only then, the refined Glucan essence can be extracted and will produce good effect. More importantly, this will avoid the production of toxic due to improper methods and do away with harmful side-effects, or unpleasant deposit and smell. The performance of Glucan depends upon its degree of refinement. How to present the β-1, 3- Glucan or β-1, 3-1, 6- Glucan molecules completely free from impurity is the vital key for people feeling safe in its consumption.
Question: Does Glucan carry toxicity? Will it produce side-effects to the user?
Answer: Glucan is a kind of substance which is totally void of toxic component. Clinical experiments in the past have revealed that it does not produce any harmful side-effects. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of America even put it under the category of natural substance safe for consumption, which can be taken absolutely without any doubt. However, with poor fermentation technique, non-professional researcher and manufacturer, it is not unlikely that pollution of toxic mould bacteria (for example, aflatoxin) may occur. Therefore, the professionalism of research and quality control are two important factors in the production of Glucan.
Question: Will people with allergic physique show allergic response to Glucan after using it?
Answer: Glucan consists mainly of high molecular carbohydrate (some Glucan may have auxiliary protein molecule), which contains less allergy-causing protein factors. Many years of applied research shows that there is almost not a single clinical case of allergic response due to Glucan. Generally, allergic response is caused by predominant protein molecules contained in food. The structure of β-Glucan does not have the capacity to trigger allergic response. And clinical tests so far have shown a similar result.
Question: Will Glucan be in conflict with the action of other compound or medicine? Can it be used in a mixture?
Answer: Because Glucan possesses very stable biochemical properties, it will not react with other medicine or produce chemical change. Since Glucan produces immune enhancing effect and enables immune cell to fight against decomposition, it has multiplying effect upon the medicine when being mixed and used with it. Many years of clinical experiment confirm that through proper manufacturing and refining process, Glucan can become a substance safe for injection and consumption. It can be mixed with any compound and medicine without worries of safety. With additional multiplying effect, it can effectively reduce the side-effects of medicine.
Question: Since β-Glucan is able to enhance or stimulate immune function, if taking it in large quantity cause unpleasant effects such as over-stimulation or auto-immunity?
Answer: The function of Glucan is mainly in activating macrophage and any other immune cells (for instance, T and NK cells), i.e. enhancing the capacity of macrophage in dealing with harmful elements. Glucan can only produce the effect of activating immune function after binding itself with the receptors in the cell membrane. However, there are only a certain number of receptors on the cell membrane of human body. When the binding of Glucan with the immune cells reaches a saturation point, the cells will not receive any more Glucan. Therefore, the so-called “over-stimulation” effect will not happen with the cells. The Glucan which enters into human body tissue or blood but does not react fully with the immune cells or other functional cells, these will be eliminated by Kupffer cells in the body. If Glucan does not enter blood stream or lymphatic system but remains in the intestinal tract; it can be nutrient for the beneficial microorganism. This will enable the effective growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, and will smooth the function of intestinal tract. Therefore, from the theoretical and practical perspective, there should be no concern about over-extraction with Glucan. Glucan also possesses the function of enhancing the ability of immune cell in recognizing foreign antigen or pathogen. Under such circumstances, the occurrence of “diseases due to auto-immunity” will be less frequent. In short, Glucan is like a key. It can restart the deteriorating function of cell mechanism and activate it so that its function can be resumed. When harmful elements like pathogen and tumor cells appears, the immune cell can then provide timely and suitable protection as appropriate for the human body and thereby achieve the goal of health maintenance.
Question: Is there a scientific basis for Glucan’s effects?
Answer: Many in-depth researches carried out by world-famous universities and research institutes in the past confirmed that Glucan is an effective immune enhancer or regulator. If this is reinforced by more than ten thousand research and clinical findings that can be searched in the net, it can be verified that Glucan’s effect is scientifically proven. It is also safe and environmental friendly. In recent years, the world-famous National Institute of Health (NIH) of America even approved of its therapeutic effect as medicine-cum-food and allocated great fund to academic institutes for its research and development. Surely there will be many and more complete scientific evidence on fungus substance in the future.
Question: There are many high molecular carbohydrates in bacteria, plant and grain. Do they also possess the immune enhancing effect?
Answer: Besides fungus and yeast-based β-Glucan, there are also many type of high molecular carbohydrates that exist in the cells or intercellular substance of plant, grain, beneficial bacteria or large algae. Looking from the structure, they should possess immune enhancing effect but their function depends on whether they could be extracted in a purified form and be made prominent among the many carbohydrates. Among the many glucans, the scientists hold that β-Glucan (1-3 Glucan or 1-3, 1-6 Glucan) extracted from fungus and yeast is structurally the most complete, its molecular mass the most suitable for human consumption, producing the greatest effect of activating macrophage and empowering the immunity of the human body.
Question: Will Glucan be effective against staphylococcus and other harmful pathogen?
Answer: Staphylococcus Aureus and P. aeruginosa are bacteria mostly easily contracted during physical and surgical treatment. They usually create complication for the sick. Therefore, for the weak and patients after surgery, exploiting the immunity stimulated by Glucan will effectively restrain or lessen the chance of bacterial infection mentioned above. It will also hasten the recovery from sickness.
Question: What other functions and effects does Glucan possess besides empowering macrophage?
1. Glucan possesses the function and effect of empowering Natural Killer Cell besides activating Monocyte and Neutrophil in the body. It can also eliminate abnormal tumor cells and invading pathogen in the body.
2. After Glucan enters the body through the mouth, it will enable cell to produce cellular element and cell growth factor. It will help the body to develop anti-virus and anti-cancer capacity, maintaining the well-being of body cell and enhancing body health.
3. Glucan can permeate through the epidermis and linger between epidermis and dermis, activating skin cells and muscle cells, enhancing the resistance of skin and surface muscle against adverse condition. It encourages the production of collagen, which can relieve pain and hasten recovery for those suffering from ultra-violet scorch, cut, injury and scald.
4. It effectively promotes the growth of beneficial microorganism, enhancing health of intestinal tract.
5. When entering body cell or blood stream, Glucan can activate functional cell effectively, promoting physiological balance of the body. Its mechanism has yet to be confirmed by more scientific research evidence.
Question: Can Glucan be used to replace or to reduce the use of antibiotic?
Answer: The abuse of antibiotic and drug has been considered the arch-enemy of human health and the environment. In 2007, World Health Organization of the United Nations thoroughly banned the use of antibiotic of old. Therefore, empowering the natural resistance of human or animal by the use of immune enhancer is an irresistible trend. Among all the immunity enhancer, Glucan (1-3 Glucan or 1-3, 1-6 Glucan and etc.) are recognized by scientists as the best substance to empower human body’s resistance with the least side –effect. If Glucan can be appropriately used to enhance immunity, it will greatly reduce the probability of contracting disease. It will also help in the recovery of the sick and correspondingly reduce the usage of antibiotic and medicine. The quality of life will also be enhanced. Glucan can be taken orally or be injected to achieve good immune enhancement and anti-cancer effects. However, more clinical experiments and more meticulous research and development works are necessary to go hand in hand with future development.
Question: How does Glucan function in reducing the hazard of alcoholism?
Answer: Glucan definitely possesses the effect of breaking down alcohol molecules and reducing the hazard of over-drinking to the body. Glucan is effective in enabling the immune cells in the body to flight against the various harmful elements (including alcohol molecules, indeed) in the body. Meanwhile, it will also precipitate the action of alcohol dehydrogenase in the liver, which looses hydrogen molecules from alcohol molecules. Thus, alcohol molecules turn into water molecules, which are drained from the body. Besides, Glucan itself is capable of absorbing alcoholic contents. A β-Glucan molecule has a molecular mass that is greater than 10,000. These molecules stay longer in the stomach. As soon as the alcohol enters the stomach, it will be partially absorbed by Glucan and partially by the stomach. Alcoholic content moving in the blood stream to the liver is broken down by enzyme in the liver. If added with the activating effect of immune cells, the rise in free radical triggered by the appropriate removal of alcohol from the organ will minimize the harm of alcohol. Although Glucan has the effect of breaking down alcohol molecules, its content must reach a certain level in the body to produce real result. Anyhow, smoking and drinking are harmful habits, doing more harm than good to the body. One should exercise self-control for his or her body’s sake. Some think that the anti-oxidant substance in red wine is good for the body, especially the heart. But they improperly ignore the harm of alcohol to the body.
Question: How does Glucan remove free radical?
Answer: Researches in recent years clearly showed that the free radical is the root cause of human sickness whereas Glucan will protect cells from the attack of free radical and enhance the normal functioning of body cell. There have been reports indicating that abdominal injection of Coriolus Versicolor Glucan into animal under experiment clearly prevents over-oxidization of fatty substance and restrains the production of active oxygen. Ganoderma Lucidum Glucan also exhibits excellent result in restraining super oxide radical, achieving a free radical restraint level of 52.8%. Fungus Glucan enhances the production of super oxide enzymes in human body, and is capable of clearing off super oxide radical and hydroxide radical.
Question: Can diabetes patients taken Glucan?
Answer: Glucan belongs to the category of functional carbohydrate. Researches in recent years found that IL-1 cell elements stimulated by Glucan enhance insulin secretion and lower blood sugar. It is also confirmed to have positive result in improving condition of arteriosclerosis. Therefore, Glucan has been widely used in diabetic recovery. Research in the past indicated that two types of Glucan extracted from mycelium of Cordyceps can effectively bring down the blood sugar level in the diabetic mice. 3 hours after injection of Glucan, the blood sugar level obviously dropped by about 45%. Glucan extracted from Ganoderma Lucidum is also effective in bringing down blood sugar level in the diabetic white mice.
Question: How does Glucan benefit the gastrointestinal tract?
Answer: Glucan acquired from the fermentation of mycelium contains unknown growth factor (UGF). Glucan not absorbed by the intestine can be nutrient for beneficial bacteria when it enters the colon. Both of these can enhance the growth of intestinal bacteria such as: lactic acid bacteria and bifidobarteria. This greatly enhances the health of gastrointestinal tract.
Question: Describe in a concise manner the functions of Glucan.
01. Diminish the attack of senescence factor and cause the human body to be full of 
02. Eliminate free radical.
03. Detoxification effect.
04. Enhance the immune capacity of the body.
05. Reduce cholesterol.
06. Improve the condition of diabetes and arteriosclerosis.
07. Fight against malignant tumor and cancer.
08. Help body recovery after healing from cancer.
09. Enhance the effect of medicine.
010. Reduce the adverse effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
011. Antithrombosis. Prevention of Cardiovascular diseases.
Question: What is the dosage for Glucan to produce effect?
Answer: The usage of Glucan differs with the degree of refinement of the product. According to tests on the phagocytic ability of blood cell of animal and human, every person must take 100-300 mg of pure Glucan in order to acquire effective immune power for body strength and health. To the patients, the daily dosage indeed should be increased to 500-1000 mg. There has yet to be a scientific report to establish the maximum dosage. That implies a larger amount is allowed under objective conditions and as yet there is not an upper limit. But there may be probable related research report published in the future.
Question: Since Fungus Glucan possesses so many functions, can it be called an “elixir” for healing all kind of diseases?
Answer: Used appropriately, Fungus Glucan will show evident therapeutic effect to many diseases. But the effect of Glucan is in activating the immune function of human body or the operation of physiological function through the binding of Glucan molecules with immune cells or receptor of other functional cells. In another words, Glucan works out improvement in a progressive manner in order to achieve the empowerment of the physical condition. There is something that cannot be ignored. The effect of Glucan differs with individuals, especially when being used for therapy of sickness. It probably will not show a similar effect on every person. Therefore, it is not appropriate to use it as an “elixir” for therapy. It is more appropriate if it is used in preventive medicine to prevent the out break of infectious and non-infectious diseases, and to enhance the body resistance against stress.
Question: What is the difference between Fungi Glucan and vitamin in terms of the mechanism of application and effectiveness?
Answer: Vitamin is a kind of nutrient supplement which can enter a cell and participate in its metabolism. Although earlier vitamin was once world-famous for its treatment of scurvy, later scientific research found that vitamin contained in vegetables and fruits can have the same contribution as vitamin alone. Although vitamin has the effect of removing free radical in human body, scientists have also discovered that an excess of vitamin can produce unpleasant after-effects. Therefore, vitamin is merely defined as a kind of nutrient supplement until today. Although some doctors have seen good results using vitamin in treatment, people define it as “nutrient supplement”. Glucan has a larger molecular mass than vitamin and it has a different functioning mechanism. It awakens the function of immune cells through binding with the receptor and thus empowers the physiological function of human body. However, its effect is exhibited in a progressive manner like the vitamin. Therefore, although Glucan appears to be better than vitamin in treatment result, its effect is not immediate. Thus, it is more appropriate to be seen as a kind of “nutritional or functional supplement”. In recent years, scientists discover that when vitamin and Glucan are used together, they produce multiplied effect. In the future, Glucan will be used together with vitamin to render an even greater contribution to human health.
Question: What is the difference between Fungus Glucan and medicine?
Answer: From the perspective of chemical structure, medicine is a chemical compound. It is very difficult for human body to break it down with enzyme. It has to be discharged from the body through liver, digestive tract and kidney. Although it is capable of eliminating pathogen while it enters the body, it can also generate toxicity to the body cells which remains with the normal cells. Glucan is an organic polymer that cannot be composed by any chemical means. Although there is no enzyme to break it down for use in human body, it can activate and regulate the immune mechanism in human body without the side-effect of damaging the cells. Glucan stored in the body can be utilized by the beneficial microorganism in the intestinal tract, or they will be consumed by the phagocytes in various body tissues. No side-effect is produced. Comparing the effect of the two substances, medicine may produce immediate effect whereas Glucan achieve its end in a progressive manner. A longer time of usage is needed for its effect to be seen. Medicine will produce toxic effect and side-effect whereas Glucan will not.
Question: Why will Fungus Glucan become an important substance applicable for preventive medicine of the 21st century?
Answer: Life in the 21st century is full of serious air pollution. The land is incapable of recovery, and there is excessive abuse of drugs and chemicals. People are generally attacked by excessive amount of free radical. Furthermore, due to mass reproduction of pathogens, people will be vulnerable to diseases if they do not strive to empower their self-healing capacity. They will fall sick frequently. Therefore, the most import health strategy of modern people are how to empower the immune capacity of the body and building up a physique that is resistant to diseases. Among all the applicable methods, Glucan will be the most effective, a most convenient applied strategy with the least side-effects. Preventive medicine will be the mainstream in medical science. High quality Glucan is an applicable strategy in preventive medicine.






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